not all mrsa are like that

"Feminists were responsible for insurance companies denying transition related surgeries to trans people" wrong. insurance companies inserted clauses rejecting coverage for transition related surgeries cause they’re a bunch of gangsters running a racket and we need a Universal Health Care- also it was in reaction to Davidson vs Aetna where a trans woman won a ruling that required Aetna to cover transition related surgeries.
But whatever, blame women, it’s more fun and it’s a time honored male tradition.

Transgender Health at the Crossroads - Yale Law School

101 Misc.2d 1 (1979)
Victoria L. Davidson, Plaintiff,v.Aetna Life & Casualty Insurance Co., Defendant.

Supreme Court, Trial Term, New York County.
August 9, 1979.

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    Dear trans activists: can you start assigning the blame for trans healthcare exclusions where it actually belongs, and...
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